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TrioClear™ is a Progressive Clear Aligner System. From SOFT to HARD, the varying levels of thickness from 0.5mm to 0.7mm shifts the teeth comfortably and help each patient achieve their desired smiles. Due to the use of TrioDim Force™ Technology and extended gingival coverage, TrioClear™ can use minimal attachments achieving a more aesthetic result.
Your dentist will use 3D scanners or PVS materials to obtain the impressions of your teeth once you are confirmed a suitable candidate for TrioClear™ treatment. We will then digitise your results and create a proposal regarding your teeth movement. Your dentist will then review with you on the expected outcome. Once the proposal is settled, we will begin manufacturing your TrioClear™ kit and ship it directly to the clinic. Your dentist will then follow up on your treatment and our team will provide additional support as well. Please consult with your dentist or contact us if more information is needed.
TrioClear™ is designed to cover most of the cases. For detailed information, please talk to your dentist.
Our Progressive Clear Aligner System helps gradually shift teeth and achieve your best smile – with minimum to no pain or discomfort. Thanks to our TrioDim Force™ Technology and extended gum coverage, it uses minimal attachments, making the aligners practically invisible.
TrioClear™ can be covered under the category of orthodontic treatment in health insurance. Please consult with your health insurance provider for more details.
We believe that any oral condition is best treated by professionals. So we work with dentists to give the best experience and results. Your dentist can order TrioClear™ for you.
Everyone's different, so treatment times can vary from person to person – anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Talk to your dentist for more information.
No. However it is normal to feel some pressure during the first stage of the treatment. This means that the aligners are starting to shift your teeth. The feeling should disappear gradually in a couple of days. If this is not the case, please contact your dentist immediately.
Our products are designed specifically for each patient, so they affect you in the least extent. But you may need a couple of days in order to get used to the feeling of having the aligners in your mouth. If you are not feeling comfortable, please check with your dentist.
It depends on different cases. Please consult with your dentist for more detail.
Generally speaking, it is not a problem to eat or drink with your aligners on your teeth. But we recommend you to take them off when consuming chewy, sticky food or hot drinks.
Gently brush the aligners with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water or mild soap. Don’t use toothpaste or other harmful ingredients such as bleach or rubbing alcohol as they can damage the aligners.
Your dentist may prescribe you a fixed retainer to hold the teeth at the optimal finished position. You may also need to wear additional refinement aligners in order to perfect your smile. Please consult your dentist after the finished treatment.
Please consult your dentist about the cost of treatment and payment plans.
Yes. TrioClear™ aligners are ISO certified and made from comfortable BPA-free plastic.
Yes. Children can start using TrioClear™ from as early as 13 years, depending on their concerns. Consult your dentist for more information.
You will need to consult your dentist to see if TrioClear™ will work for you. Your dentist will take X-rays or scans and impressions of your teeth.
TrioClear™ is virtually invisible. It uses small indents inside the aligners, avoiding bumps or attachments, making it unnoticeable to others. Aligners cover some of the gumline, making the edges less visible.
Yes. Once you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we will generate a treatment plan for you. This will include a 3D model of the final result and you’ll be able to discuss this with your dentist.
It varies in different cases. In general, TrioClear™ treatment involves between 12 and 40 steps of aligners in total. You will wear aligners with a specific sequence step of Soft (S) and Hard (H). Each aligner should be changed every 7 days.
Yes. Our aligners are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, so they are completely safe.
Yes, TrioClear™ aligners don’t disrupt your life - they can be worn uninterrupted. However, for sports that require a mouthguard, you will need to remove the aligners and put them back straight after the game. They’re made from clear and comfortable BPA-free plastic and are easy to remove.
Contact your dentist immediately.
Extended gingival coverage (covering more of your gum) means the aligners are less visible and more of the surface area is covered for people with short crown height – giving you better results.
Yes, please consult your dentist for more information.
For the best outcome, you should follow the treatment plan your dentist customised for you. But discuss any questions and concerns with your dentist.
As long as you wear our Retainers properly after TrioClear™ treatment, your new smile will be permanent. Consult your dentist about how long you’ll need to wear retainers for ultimate results.
Clear aligners aren’t designed for long-term wear, so we don’t advise that you use them instead of a retainer. We recommend using our customised Retainers for best results.
Contact your dentist immediately to see what may be causing the problem.
Use dental chewies to wear the aligners and dental remover to take them off. Follow the instructions included in your TrioClear™ aligner kit.
Yes, hot temperatures may affect your TrioClear™ aligner. You should not eat or drink anything with your aligners in (except room temperature water), as it can damage them or cause a chemical reaction.