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TrioClear™ Aligners

To get started, go to aus.trioclear.com and register for an account, or email us at info@trioclear.com.au.
TrioClear™ covers most cases, including crossbites, overbites, deep bites, openbites, mild to moderate crowding and spacing cases.
You can either use an intraoral scanner of PVS materials to get the impressions of your patients and then submit all the materials on our submission platform.
We work with dentists because we believe this will achieve the best results – making sure patients are comfortable, safe and get the smile they deserve. TrioClear™ is a Progressive Clear Aligner System. From SOFT to HARD, the varying levels of thickness shift the teeth and help each patient achieve their desired smile. Due to the use of TrioDim Force™ Technology and extended gingival coverage, TrioClear™ can use minimal attachments, achieving an aesthetic result while saving clinicians precious chair time. Our clinical 3D simulation software, Trio iDesign, is comprehensive to allow a clear visualization to the doctor in different viewing angles and stages. Moreover, advanced CBCT root stimulation can help clinicians to have a complete picture of the full movement plan.
You can find case submission requirements on our submission platform aus.trioclear.com. If you don’t have an account, please email us at info@trioclear.com.au or contact our local distributor Southern Cross Dental.
We accept STL files from any scanner and these are easily uploaded within the portal. Both 3Shape TRIOS® and Medit can seamlessly integrate with TrioClear™.
Yes, you can download "View 3D Simulation" in "View Treatment Plan" tab.1.
Please post them to 6/190 Bourke Road Alexandria NSW 2015 or PO Box 6071 Alexandria NSW 2015.
Yes, you will need to print out "Print Order Form" under the "Documents Tab".
Yes, as Southern Cross Dental is our exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand, you will need an active SCD account for billing. Please sign up at Sign Up (https://www.scdlab.com/sign-up/sign-up-form) if you don’t have one yet.
Yes, it’s located in the download section under the "Support and Resource" tab.
Yes, we do. Please note there is a fee of $150+GST per case.
There is no cancellation fee providing the case is cancelled prior to the aligners being manufactured.
No, you don’t but it is recommended that you have done clear aligners training previously. If not, we offer treatment planning support that is recommended for your first 3 cases.
Yes, they are recommended. Please upload them onto our submission platform.
Visit our Submission Portal and click on Process "Next Set of Aligners" under the "Action" tab.